Do you have some problems downloading our tools?


Here are few most common questions we received about our hack tools. If your is not listed here, you are welcome to write us down in comment section. Thank you for visiting us!


  • Isn't this stuff illegal?

  • No, it isn't. Game development organizations are pleased we give theme free marketing.


  • Download button will appear once you like or share our page on your Facebook, Tweeter or Google+account using Social Locker.

  • It transferred me to some other site!

  • Yes, it's our second site where hack tools are held. Don't worry, it's common way this stuff work.

  • What?! I need to fill out an offer?!

  • Of course you do. The only way for hack tools to be completely free, and I'm talking MONEY FREE, is to trade it for some information. Don't worry, everything you wright down is 100% safe with us. Hey, we need to have some interest in this too!

  • Will this hack got me banned?

  • No. Using our hack tool you will change just a teeny-tiny part of game software on your device. Everything else is the way game developer made it. There is no reason for detecting something so irrelevant on global scale.

  • Will this work on my jailbroken device?

  • Our hack tools are made for both jailbroken and non-broken devices.


Site is a place where you can download, completely free, hack tools and cheats for Android, iOS and Windows devices. Our hack tools are made for mobile, PC, Facebook and Console games. We developed unique technic for making small parts of 100% undetectable software which you can use to hack any game you want and to add unlimited featureses, like gold, crowns, diamonds, weapons, gems, wood, food, fuels, and much, much more. We have hacks for most popular games online and if you need hack for some game we don't have listed, you are welcome to sent us mail asking for what you need. Thank you for choosing!