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PC Vs Consoles : The never ending battle for players

PC Vs Consoles : Pros and Cons on two leading gaming platforms So you would like to be a gamer. The response to that question is harder than you may anticipate to answer. Those entering the gaming world generally purchase a games console, which now would mean picking up PS4 or an Xbox One. Most…
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Android vs iPhone : Which is better?

Source: Long lasting debate : Android vs iPhone? Surely, if you own iPhone you'll say that brand is best, but Android users will swore on their devices. Both has good and bad sides. Lets get little serious and hear what third side has to say. Android vs iPhone: Hardware The simple fact is that…
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How to make Blog?

After searching across net to find best tutorial on ""How to make Blog?", I find this guy who really simple, separated in 7 simple steps, describe the best and easiest way for you to start your own Blog-Internet presentation. Here you can read shorter version!   Source: How to start a blog in 7…
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